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To teach Valley Shore residents to read, write, and speak English to improve their work and life skills in their communities.

Free ESL Student Workbooks available at the LVVS Office Only 8 Copies Remaining

Through an award by the ProLiteracy National Book Fund, LVVS obtained new student ESL workbooks to primarily meet the needs of your lower-level English literacy students and to better support tutoring while face-to-face meeting options are limited.

LVVS received “pairs” of workbooks so that tutors can provide to their student a free corresponding copy of the workbook they are using for lessons.  Students can keep the workbook and write in them during the lesson or use them for homework and log in independent study hours.

With the Winter here and an increase in COVID, these student copies will allow you and your student to have the same copy that you are discussing over the phone or through virtual meetings, or remain separated and not have to share the same copy.

The books focus on reading, writing, and phonics. They include a range of topics from health, work, school, and daily situations that can be matched to the student’s goals.

The books can be obtained at the LVVS office M-TH, 9AM-2PM.

Thank you from Literacy Volunteers Valley Shore

We at Literacy Volunteers Valley Shore (LVVS) hope you and your families are well. We want to  thank you for your support of our organization in the past and hope you will continue to partner  with us to make our communities stronger.  

For many of our students, this year has continued to be economically challenging because a  large number of them work in the service industry.  

Part of Literacy Volunteers Valley Shore’s mission is to help native and non-native speakers in crease their proficiency in English to enable them to get better employment in the jobs sector,  thereby increasing their income producing potential, and in the long term helping them, their  families, and their communities. 

Our tutoring is always free to our students, and we rely on grants and donations to be able to  offer this. This year, due to continued Coronavirus restrictions, we have been unable to hold  our annual fundraiser, one of the major ways we raise money. We are hoping to be able to have  a fundraiser in Spring 2022, but we won’t know if that’s possible until the beginning of the new  year.  



Become a Student

We give you one-to-one tutoring in English literacy skills, in complete confidence and at no cost to you.

Become a

Become a trained tutor or volunteer in our program. Each workshop comprises seven two-hour sessions.

Community Supporters

Support our efforts in a number of ways to ensure the ongoing success of our programs.

The Heart of the Matter

The labor of love that is LVVS is captured in this mini-documentary video. It features the courageous touching work of Carlos Torres, a resident of Westbrook and one of our students, as well as the touching commitment of John DaVirro, Carlos’ tutor, who also become his mentor and friend. Everything you might want to know about LVVS is right here, in just a minute and 53 seconds.

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