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To teach Valley Shore residents to read, write, and speak English to improve their work and life skills in their communities.

Distance Learning under COVID 19

While each of our relationships with our students are different, there are safe ways you can continue to provide English tutoring to your student.  Please visit the LVVS Tutor/Volunteer Portal to review the document on Tips for Continuing Instruction at a Distance or Tools for Continuing Instruction from a Distance. We encourage all of our tutors and students to stay connected even if it’s simply a text, email or call to say hello and see how they are coping during these challenging times.

As you know, libraries have been closed and most are now open on a limited basis. This applies to the LVVS office site as well. While Joanne Argersinger will be continuing to manage office procedures, the LVVS office will be open by appointment only until further notice. If there is something you must return or take out, please email Joanne or call the office and she can set up an appointment with you.

This could be a time to re-acquaint yourself with information about teaching English as a Second Language. The ProLiteracy website has a wealth of materials for tutoring a student or learning new tutoring techniques.

Submission of Volunteer Hours and Student Goals

LVVS appreciates the many hours our volunteers give to the community tutoring English.   It is important that LVVS receives your hours each month.  Please submit your tutoring and volunteer hours through the Tutor Portal.  Additionally, the English skills goals you set with your student are critical to help measure our contributions in our community.  Please send in a record of completed goals or new goals to so they can be input into the system for reporting to United Way and our funders. A Goals form can be found on the Tutor / Volunteer Portal

Become a Student

We give you one-to-one tutoring in English literacy skills, in complete confidence and at no cost to you.

Become a

Become a trained tutor or volunteer in our program. Each workshop comprises seven two-hour sessions.

Community Supporters

Support our efforts in a number of ways to ensure the ongoing success of our programs.

The Heart of the Matter

The labor of love that is LVVS is captured in this mini-documentary video. It features the courageous touching work of Carlos Torres, a resident of Westbrook and one of our students, as well as the touching commitment of John DaVirro, Carlos’ tutor, who also become his mentor and friend. Everything you might want to know about LVVS is right here, in just a minute and 53 seconds.

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